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The Very Best of Augmented Reality

Right now there are already a ton of augmented reality applications available on both Android and IOS, in this article we are going to present a handful of the top rated that are presently on the market.

Wikitude World Browser - This integrates information and facts with the real life with information from Wikipedia along with other tools. Whenever you study your digital camera in and around where you are, it is going to superimpose specifics of your area and track down landmarks in your area. Wikitude is among the leaders in augmented reality software, receiving 'Best Augmented Reality Browser' from 2009-2011. Points of interest could be identified by your present locale and looked at using a map, list, and also on an Augmented Reality (AR) video camera view. Wikitude is already obtainable for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Bada.

Layar - Is another early Android augmented reality app and like Wikitude is likewise an augmented reality browser. The mobil…

Augmented Reality Games - A Whole New Paradigm

Mobile Application Development has seen an ultimate technology change in recent times. One of such change is the Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. It is a very advanced technology but is in main stream now due to the launch of Augmented Reality based Mobile Games.

Augmented Reality based games have made the co-existence of real and virtual objects possible in immersive game environments. It enhances the players gaming experience and provides new and exciting ways to control his actions, through position and 3D movement.

Augmented Reality has not only taken mobile gaming platform to a whole new paradigm but also added a significant value to handheld devices as for AG games, handheld devices are considered as the best option. Most of these devices have a camera on their back, just behind the screen, which is the only way to achieve see-through effect at mass-market cost.

AR based games could be developed by programmers and developers having the required skill set. Although not much in ter…

A Cool Way to Market Your Business Using Augmented Reality Apps

What's augmented reality? A good example is the yellow "first down" lines seen on TV during American football broadcasts - the field of play is augmented by a digital image of the line that must be crossed for the offense to get a first down. Imagine if you could augment the reality of your prospective customers to see a map to your business. You can actually, very easily and not that expensively!

Augmented Reality is a live or indirect view of the physical real-world over which are overlaid computer generated images or information. Beginning with their April edition, Calvin Klein Underwear will run augmented reality ads in GQ. Other applications integrate with YouTube or Flickr and users' geo-tagged media is overlaid to see what different places look like at different points in time. Augmented Reality is about to be assimilated into our lives.

You can start out by developing an AR app or you can use apps already out there and add information about your business, event…